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About Us

Creative Technologies provides world class solutions for the utility industry with a primary focus on supporting our customers. As a technology provider we understand that the most important function of billing software is ease of use, that’s why we designed our solutions to be open, modular and expandable.

Our roots began out of a small software solution written for a water district in the heartland of America on an Apple computer. Today we have grown to support hundreds of utility providers and generate over one million utility bills annually. Our leadership has over 35+ years in technology experience and has held leadership positions for some of the world’s largest fortune 500 companies including AT&T, Samsung and Dell Technologies. We bring our superior software design and customer support experience from the world’s largest billion-dollar companies to the utility industry.


Our Partners

Over the past 30 years, Creative Technologies has and will continue to build key relationships to help simplify the billing process. Aside from our partnering with leading meter manufactures to automatically read and transfer meter reads from cellular and drive-by meter reading systems to our system, we have also developed tight integrations with online payment processors to present paperless bills and reminders offering your customers more ways to pay and you the ability to improve collections.

Why should you spend time researching solutions and worrying about who will support it?


Let us do it for you.

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